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Album access for guests
The Album Access Options allows you to provide different levels of access to your guests. allows its user to provide two levels of access to a user's album.
Guests may recieve View Only or View & Add Images access levels.

View Only, is the level of sharing that is automatically assigned to a new guest. This level of sharing allows guest ONLY to view albums that you have created and given them access to view.

View & Add Images option, gives your guest the ability to contribute to your album. They will have the ability to add images to albums you have given this level of access to. They will not have the ability to edit any of the images that you have placed in your album, and as the owner of the album, you will be able to remove their images at anytime from your album.

It is with this feature that you, your friends and family can come together to create albums where all viewers can contribute.
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