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Why is the preview photo quality so poor?
When photos are taken at the event, they are taken using high quality digital cameras, and the image size is quite large. To make the photos available for you to view on our website, the photos are compressed to a smaller size, so that the web page can be displayed quickly. As a result of this image compression, some photos may be very difficult to view.

We aplogoze for the occasional low quality of the preview images on the site. If you would like us to enhance your preview photo on the site, please send us an email, including the image ID and Photo date, and we'll reprocess the photo for you.

PLEASE NOTE: The photo displayed on the site is a low resolution preview image only. Photos that you purchase from this site are processed using a high quality image resulting in superior quality photos delivered to you on professional Fugi paper
We hope this section has been helpful in answering your question, if you continue to have problems, don't hesitate to send us your question by email at any time.
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