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How do I order my park/fair photo?
1. To begin purchasing your photo, Click "yes, this is my photo".
2. The following page will allow you to manage the location of your logo and rotate your photo if needed. We will then ask you to enter your email address to begin purchasing and saving your photo to its own private online photo album.
3. The following screen will display prints and gift items to choose from. Once you have selected your items, you may proceed to checkout.
If you would like to purchase additional products with the same photo, select More products located beneath the photo, in the shopping cart.
If you have more than one photo that you would like to purchase, click on "Search for another image number" on the checkout page and complete steps 1 and 2 of the following page.

Don't worry the items you have selected for your previous image number will remain in your shopping cart. Once you have entered the image number for the second photo proceed with steps 1-3. When you are finished proceed to checkout.
We hope this section has been helpful in answering your question, if you continue to have problems, don't hesitate to send us your question by email at any time.
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